Gosnells Croquet Club (Inc.)

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 Maille (ball mallet). This was changed to Pall Mall when the game came to England, and in about 1830 the Irish version known as Crooky became popular in England. In 1871 the game was centred in the Wimbledon All England Croquet Club. With the increasing popularity of croquet, in 1880 the club changed the name to the Wimbledon All England Tennis and Croquet Club.  By the twentieth century the sport had become world wide and was even contested in the Olympic Games.


Nowadays Croquet is still widely played with regular National and International competitions held annually.

In Australia there 282 Clubs playing the sport.  In Western Australia there are 11 clubs in the Metropolitan area and a further 12 in the country area.  This makes it an ideal sport for the traveller who wishes to play as a visitor at any club, as all you need is a mallet, and to be an afilliated member of another croquet club .



It is a sport that combines physical skills (rather than physical strength) with strategies. It is possible for players to play from age 9 to 90+.



Compared to other sports, Croquet is a low cost sport, with low green fees and equipment costs


Most club games are mixed so it is an ideal sport for couples.

Difficulty in Learning the Game?  While it is seen as a sport where you are continually improving your skills, there are factors built into the game that allow beginners to enjoy playing while learning. 



Gosnells is a friendly club. Members assist you, and make your games enjoyable, and the club arranges coaching for members.




 With origins as far back as 300BC. A wooden ball game developed into the modern version around the 14th century in both France and Ireland. It probably developed as a variation on lawn bowls.  Billiards was created as the indoor version of the game. and Early version of the game in France was called Paille