Gosnells Croquet Club (Inc.)

76 Wheatley Street Gosnells  Phone: 9398 6551



A short history of the Gosnells Croquet Club

     The club has an interesting history. In 1937 the good citizens of Gosnells decided they would like to do something to improve the area in the centre of the town on the corner of Albany Highway and Dorothy Street, and backing on to the Railway line at the rear. The area was unsightly and swampy with little vegetation. A committee was formed to consider suggestions for the use of the area and decide on its future.  Eventually it was decided that a bowling and croquet club would be a better idea than tennis courts, and as a result The Gosnells Bowling Club came into being on April 7th 1938. Afterwards, A croquet club was proposed and this came into existence late in 1939.


It would appear that the main reason for forming the croquet club was to have the members provide afternoon teas for the bowlers and probably also provide other domestic services. At the time the membership of the bowling club was almost totally male, the croquet club apparently only catered for the ladies.





The combined club faced many financial difficulties and problems with the maintenance of the facilities during the war years but managed to survive. By 1977 it had managed to build a new clubhouse with good facilities and had also acquired a liquor license.


On the 1st July 1977 the croquet club was relocated to its present site which was provided by the Town of Gosnells and consisted of two croquet lawns and a clubhouse, which it has used ever since.



One may be tempted to wonder whether the relocation of the croquet ladies away from the predominately male Bowling club was that their domestic skills were no longer needed. In 1977 equality was just an interesting idea!




Today the club has around 40 playing members, most of them retired or semi-retired, Only a dozen or so play





Association Croquet but Golf Croquet is very popular. There are club competitions and championships in both codes



, as well as four social croquet sessions each week. The club has a team in one of Perth’s inter-club evening



competitions, and several members play in doubles and/or singles State GC Championships and other events. The


Club celebrated its' 75th Birthday in November 2014